Michael Tomko is a skilled facilitator and business leader who believes that effective facilitation is the key to unlocking the collective wisdom and creativity of a group. With years of experience in guiding groups through complex processes, Mike will help you maximize participation, foster collaboration, and achieve meaningful outcomes.  So, whether you're planning a team workshop, a strategic planning session, or a community engagement event, Mike's facilitation services will ensure you have a smooth and productive experience.

Contact Mike today to learn more about how his facilitation services can help you achieve your group's objectives by creating an inclusive and collaborative environment where ideas flow freely and decisions are made with clarity and purpose.


With years of experience and a passion for guiding groups toward success, Mike is your go-to facilitator for dynamic and impactful workshops. Whether you're planning a team-building session, a training workshop, or a strategy retreat, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to create engaging and productive experiences. He excels in creating a safe and inclusive environment where participants can freely exchange ideas, collaborate effectively, and drive toward tangible outcomes. With Mike's workshop services, you can expect a structured and well-facilitated process that stimulates creativity, encourages active participation, and enables your team to achieve its goals. 


With his expertise in guiding groups through complex discussions and decision-making processes, Mike ensures that your meetings are productive and inclusive. Whether it's a board meeting where important decisions need to be made, a community event where diverse perspectives must be heard, or an HOA meeting where residents' concerns need to be addressed, Mike creates a structured and respectful environment that fosters collaboration and constructive dialogue. His facilitation skills enable all participants to contribute effectively, leading to well-informed decisions, stronger community engagement, and positive outcomes.


With his expertise in guiding organizations through the strategic planning process, Mike helps you define your vision, set clear objectives, and identify actionable strategies to achieve your goals. He creates a collaborative and engaging environment that encourages active participation from all stakeholders, ensuring that diverse perspectives are considered and consensus is reached. With Mike facilitating your next strategic planning meeting will become a catalyst for aligning your organization, empowering your team, and driving sustainable growth. Partner with Mike to unlock the full potential of your strategic planning process and navigate the path to success with confidence.


Whether you're facing a complex challenge or seeking innovative ideas, Mike creates a structured and dynamic environment that fosters collaboration and unleashes the collective creativity of your team. With his expertise in facilitation techniques and tools, Mike ensures that every participant has an opportunity to contribute, encourages diverse perspectives, and stimulates out-of-the-box thinking. Mike will transform your problem-solving and brainstorming meetings into highly productive sessions that generate actionable solutions and drive your organization's success.